Mine Cryptos on mobile in 2022 top 5 list

Top cryptos to mine in your mobile in 2022

Mine pi created a wave of followers who are eager to mine or get some cryptos online in their mobile device. As we all know it's very hard to mine popular cryptocurrency online like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and many other crptocurrencies. Mining is one of the profitable way to obtain cryptos if you are not willing to buy them. that was possible some years back when crypto adoption was very minimal and the mining difficulty was not much. A simple CPU could be used for mining. 

With time and adoption of cryptocurrency world wide mining has been difficult and not a option for a normal layman who wants to mine bitcoin or other crypto currencies. A dedicated rig with high capacity of processing is required and there will still be a question that will it be profitable? as there will be a high cost of electricity, the cost of mining equipment and maintenance and processing cost. 

There are a lot of people who are looking for some crypto options which could be a future hit and has not been adopted by much of them as everybody is well aware of the bitcoin story.


Here are a list of crypto and crypto tokens which is very promising that you can mine in your normal smartphone easily.


This is not 2009.

Majority knows crypto, minority grasped its growth.

Majority burns energy, minority mines the fruit.

Majority invests, minority cashes out.

Majority gambles, minority manipulates.

This is 2021.

An era for majority to participate in the game in a new way.

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2. TimeStope




Now the world of a new currency system begins.

Your time is not free.

Now save your time.

And use that time like money.

It's simple.

Just download and launch the TimeStope app.

Now you are the master of the world.

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3. Midoin

Midoin is a new kind of money which can be mined easily on your mobile and can be sent to anyone instantly which is safe for your privacy. It's fair, fast and easy money as always.

Midoin is not just an app. It's also not even just money re-invented. Midoin is a new kind of living that will be made a peaceful money revolution in the making for the future generation.

It is a new currency that compared to other cryptocurrencies aims to be fun, fast and easy to use. Only 26 millions midoins will ever be mined. Get your hands to it at the earliest.

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(available in iOs & Android) 

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4. GeoCash

GeoCash is a data collector app, allowing users to gain rewards for the data generated by their devices.

GeoCash has been created such that you can finally truly execute your rights with your data. 

You own your data, and you have the right to store it, share it, use it and sell at your sole discretion. GeoCash has been created to respect your authority with your data as you should be paid for your data for exchanging it.

Basically, GeoCash is

Users = Data = Money

You can Trade GeoCash in the following Exchanges




Zt Global



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5. Minepi

The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone. Start earning cryptocurrency today with our free, energy-light mobile app.

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