How to get Dogecoins for free??

 Dogecoin has caught a lot of attention in the Crypto world these days. You also might know the reason for its popularity these days. Though Dogecoin was invented as a meme coin back in 2013 but with the rise in its popularity people are making serious consideration to its value these days and it is still cheap compared to other cryptos but stands in top 10 according to its market cap and is one of the top cryptocurrency.

As we all know Dogecoin's value is increasing day by day similarly the demand for the cryptocurrency and adoption of the coin is increasing day by day. In such case it would be wise to get some coins for yourself as it would create some value for you in future. But the question you all might be wondering is how could you get some coins for yourself.

If you have some money with yourself then you have various options to buy Dogecoin. You can buy doge with your credit cards. Similarly you can buy dogecoins from different crypto exchanges online who trades Dogecoin. Read this article on how you can buy Dogecoin?

Similarly you can earn/get Dogecoins from different dogecoin website faucets. Mainly there are two ways to earn Dogecoins from such type of Faucets.

1.) Collect some Dogecoins from the faucet website and when you reach the minimum amount to withdraw you will have to draw the earned dogecoins directly in your dogecoin wallet. If you still don't have a dogecoin wallet, You can have one from the which is the official wallet of dogecoin . Apart from that you can also withdraw in any other wallet provider who provides wallet for dogecoin.

Here are some popular and legitimate faucets from where you can earn Dogecoins for free.

a.) Free-doge:

It is a reliable faucet which had been operating different other crypto currencies before but recently started a dogecoin faucet after its popularity whose minimum withdrawal amount is 100 DOGE

Register for Free-Doge

2.) Another method to collect/earn Dogecoins is with Faucetpay microwallet. Here every DOGE is collected in microwallet of Faucetpay from different websites. The main advantage you will have accumulating your each facuet claim to Faucetpay is your earning gets collected in one place and you don't have to meet the minimum withdrawal criteria. So, you will be able to withdraw your earning to the main wallet in short period.

The Faucets which you can withdraw in Faucet pay are as follows.

a.) Fire Faucet:

This is the most popular faucet which helps you to calim different cyptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and others in auto mode. 

Register for Fire Faucet

b.) DogeBitsFree:

The Faucet with the highest amount of DOGE per faucet claim, You can withdraw your earned amount in Faucetpay after minimum 10 faucet claims made.

Register for DogeBitsFree

Doge BitsFree - Earn Dogecoin!


One of the oldest faucet providing faucets to its users and paying till date, they are the old and trustable DOGE faucet which also pays you in fucetpay.

Register for DOGE-Faucet

d.) Final  Auto Claim

Final Auto Claim is a auto faucet claiming website where you can claim different popular cryptos and Dogecoin is one of them.

Register For Final Auto Claim


Mining is another way to earn/get free DOGE if you are not willing to invest money on buying. This site provides you free Dogecoins for mining. Also if  you want to earn more than you can buy a miner from their packages from them. But remember if you are not going to make any investments a FREE mining option is always available.

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