Earn money online playing games in your mobile with womplay

How often do you play games in your mobile phone? One of the basic use made in your smart phone is playing different games in it. Some play strategy games, some play live games online, others play games to entertain themselves. But do you know, How much people play games in their mobile phone to earn money? The answer would be very few. Very negligible portion people are aware of that opportunity. They don't want to make efficient or wise use of their smartphone.

With the trend of Crypto Currency gaining more and more popularity these days, a lot of applications are being developed on those cryptos. Today I will show you how you will be able to make money in cryptocurrency just by playing games.

How can I earn online playing games?

Register here and activate your gmail account in womplay site. 
After you register and activate your account, Download the wombat wallet where you will store the EOS earned along with other crypto and crypto tokens like Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other popular crypto currency.
In the wombat app go to the explorer option and scroll down to bottom of the page where you will find womplay(Earn EOS playing games). Click it and now you will be directed to womplay site.
Login with the same email address used before so it will sync with your wombat wallet as well.

How can you earn in womplay site?

After you sign in to womplay site. You will see different options of games to play and the amount of wombucks you will earn for playing each games. The main part of this site is that your points will be calculated as wombucks at the top right corner and those wombucks will be later paid out in EOS crypto currrency.

Check out the Challenges available for each game. You will see the wombucks you will receive for completing each challenge. eg. usually you will be getting 1000 wombucks for just installing the game in your mobile phone. (Remember you should be new to the game or your device should not have installed the game before, as you will not be valid to receive the points if the device had installed the game before).

eg. Stonies game in games section of womplay will givr you 1000 wombucks when you install it. 2000 wombucks when you compete the tutorial and upto 1000 wombucks each day for playing the game. There are a lot of games available to play select your best game and play everyday and complete those challenges.

How to check how much you have earned ?

Select the drop down menu in top right corner .
Go to the profile section then you will see the amount of wombucks earned in first section under wombucks section. You can see how much wombucks you have earned from each game you have played.
In second section under payouts, you will see the total amount of payouts received till date with the amount of Wombucks received along with the conversion made to EOS on different dates.

Can I earn addition Wombucks/EOS?

Along with challenges, Womplay also has a daily task where you can complete those tasks and earn wombucks. You can play quick games and get paid 10 wombucks for every quick game you play. Similarly you will be paid to invite your friends as well.

How to Withdraw Wombucks/EOS to your preferred wallet ?

As I told you earlier, Your earned wombucks will be converted to EOS and paid in your wallet. Which you can find in the wallet section of wombat app. So got to your wallet and select EOS. Then you will come up with the option to Trade, Send or Receive EOS. If you want to send EOS to other wallet/Exhanges you can click send option. Else You can trade EOS to other your preferred crypto currency as you like. You can send your earned  EOS to coinbase wallet or Trade locally with others in Cryptolocally.

Everything you need to know about coinbase.
Trade locally in your preferred currency at Crypto Locally

What should I not forget ?

Remember every wombucks you have earned must be sent to the Reward Pool so that You will receive the amount of EOS from the reward pool announced by Womplay. The reward is distributed every week.
Suppose you earned 50000 wombucks in womplay. You will find the Join button under the Reward pool where you will find all the details of the reward pool like how many total members have joined the pool by submitting their wombucks. How much is the total reward pool amount for the week. You will see the amount of share you will be receiving after you join the pool. You have click the join button and you are eligible to receive your amount of share after the completion of time.

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Isn't it easy way to earn money online just playing games you like. If you are fond of different strategic as well normal games, I would suggest you to at least get paid for that as you are contributing your precious time and many other resources to it. 

How was the post friends please leave your comments/feedback in the comments below. If you have any confusions as well please let me know. 

Thank You. Happy Earning.

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