Earn online playing games and watching videos on youtube with clipclap app

Earn online playing games and watching videos  

Now you can Sit back, relax, and start to be entertained with the latest trending videos online today. The more videos you watch, the more ClapCoins you will be able to earn. It is easy to accumulate ClapCoins in your account, once you start viewing the videos it is hard to put your phone down. For the minutes you watch you will get a chest which later rewards you with different prizes. Similarly, there are so many addicting games which provide you with clapcoins.

Check out all the latest news on the app and stay informed about what is happening around you at all times. You'll earn ClapCoins for watching the news feeds and staying informed. Join the different challenges the app has to offer. You can win some cash or great prizes if your video receives the most claps from other members. It is easy to join the different challenges and win points or rewards.


How to get started at Clipclap?

Follow Steps for you to get started now:


Download from this link :


3. Sign Up using Facebook or Mobile Number.

4. After you Signed up Click “REWARDS” at the bottom.

5. After that click Rewards and then Click “REDEEM” at the top right side.

6. "6894779124" Add this code in the REDEEM BOX so you can receive $1

7. You can Easily Withdraw

8. (Remember) If you don't enter Redeem Code, You won't receive 1$.

REDEEM CODE  "6894779124"

How does Clipclap app  Work?

Once your account has been set up the rest is easy. You just start to watch all the latest trending videos.

You’ll earn Chests which you can open later in the rewards section during the time you watch any videos.

Furthermore, the app gives you different bonuses while watching videos. You can earn different bonuses like "spin" which you will receive every 5 hours. The spin gives you instant earnings in your account or add more Clapcoins to your account.

How Do You Earn Money in Clipclaps?

Keep yourself entertained by watching all the trending videos in the app. The more you watch, the more Clapcoins you’ll earn in your account. It is easy to accumulate Clapcoins in your account. The videos are funny and you can’t stop watching them. Keep up with all the latest news using the app. Read new events, check top news stories, and watch news videos to earn Clapcoins in your account. This is one way to keep on top of the latest news events while you’re being entertained watching videos.

Join one of the many challenges the app has to offer. Each challenge will relate to real-life events and it is easy to join them. You’ll need to upload different videos in order to enter one of the challenges. If you upload the best video and receive the most claps for your video, you’ll win one of the many prizes the app has to offer.

When you invite your friends to join the app using your referral code, you’ll earn more Clapcoins in your account as well.

The more claps that people give to the videos that you’ve uploaded the more Clapcoins you’ll earn in your account.

So, How Are You Paid by ClipClaps?

The company pays you by PayPal or you can choose an Amazon gift card. You also have the option of redeeming your earned clapcoins into Mobile top up (recharge) .

You'll need 10,000,000 points in your account to receive $10 in your PayPal account or Redeem for mobile credit (mobile recharge)

(Note: 100,000 clapcoins = 1$)
The site does charge you $0.25 processing fee so you'll receive $9.75 in your account.

Happy Earnings!

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