FPL crypto League for all crypto lover who love fantasy premier league and win Dogecoins

 As we all know Premier league is one of the most followed football league in the world. And what makes this league popular is the fantasy game all the league supporters all around the globe 2nd Prizelove to play. One of the reason for the following of the game is the cash prize 


Here I have a created a league for people who are crypto enthusiasts and love playing fantasy of premier league. I will award prizes at the end of the season i.e GW 38. The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize : 25 DOGE
  • 2nd Prize : 15 DOGE
  • 3rd Prize : 10 DOGE
  • 4th Prize :  5 DOGE
The prize will be distributed in DOGE to all the winners at the end of the season. We all know that DOGE is one of the popular crypto which falls in Top 10 crypto.

Anybody can join the mini league "FPL crypto" from the link below:

The league will be closed after GW19. Before that anybody can join the link clicking the above link.

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