Earn online from your mobile listening music and playing games

I am a person who is never far from my mobile phone. I love to listen to music or play different games in my mobile. I work from home and that surely provides me the privilege to listen to music until and unless that distracts me. But me being distracted or disturbed with music is beyond any possibility. 

You will be even more surprised when you will get to know that I get paid listening to my favorite music online as well. Earning online rejoicing with your favorite music, not every people is blessed with this opportunity.

This is not a bluff, Surely you can cross check online and to support my statement I will surely present withdrawals proof as well. I have made numerous withdrawals from this app. What makes this app even more sweet is the payout options it provide for us. You can cashout your earnings through Paypal, Bitcoin, different Gift cards like google play gift card, amazon gift card. It gets even better when you can cashout your earning points with Free Fire, Mobile Legend, PUBG gems topping up. Finally you also can cashout with physical goods like smart watch, headphones and many more and till date they have never failed to send your withdrawal in time.

Let me introduce you to current app - the mobile app which allows you to earn just listening to your favorite music, artist, radio station online and playing your favorite games.

How to start earning online with Current app?

First Register yourself for the Current app
Download the app (play store - android, Appstore-iOS)
Login with your Gmail id
You are all set to earn now. Start earning by playing your favorite music.

Why you should use a current app to earn online?

You can Search & Play from 100,000+Radio Stations.
Choose your favorite music every time you listen to it.
You can also earn more by playing games and completing different offers.


“I’ve now been using this app now for a couple of months and I absolutely love it. I’ve been introduced to new bands that I really like and it keeps me company while working from home. Fun so far!,” according to Ryan Newcomb on the Google Play store.

Similarly other users review in google play store:

"Current costs nothing to use and takes almost no time to download and set up. If you’re a music fan, it’s worth giving a shot and earning some money!"

Compared to the average passive earnings app, Current app surely offers solid potential earnings and a good variety of tasks to make money every time you open the app.

Is Current app legit?

Most people lose interest on online earning apps as they fail to maintain their promised earning online opportunities in long run and they decide to close their app without a prior notice and lot of people who are close to make their withdrawal suffer. Not only they suffer from this act of app makers but they start questioning the legitimacy of all these online earning apps.

The current app is the best in this industry you can check their reviews in play store or app store. The independent reviews in google also prove its legitimacy.

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