Earn online playing tower defending games and collecting NFTs with Epiko Regal game

 The year 2021 was all for the NFTs. We all know that a lot of NFT platforms rose to fame. Ethereum is the popular platform where a lot of NFT projects are running at the moment. Following the footsteps of Ethereum, Binance - The popular cypto exchange who has its own coin Binance also introduced a NFT platform which got a lot of popularity instantly as the the fees to mint a NFT were low comparatively the gas fees of Ethereum.

A lot of digital products in the form of Art, Music, Sound, Video, Photographs were traded online during the Lockdown. The NFT is getting more mainstream as a lot of Popular Music artists are also embracing the trend and adapting themselves in this new scenario. (Know more about NFT)


Now, not only digital creators game developers have also moved into the NFT industry. You don't need to be a digital creator, artist to own NFTs. you can collect NFT cards. A lot of games that are mobile-based have introduced NFT collectibles in their games.

Epiko Regal

Today, I will introduce you to a game which is a online multiplayer game called Epiko Real game. This game is based on Indian Mythology developed by Wharf Street Studios in collaboration with Polygon Studios. Epiko Regal is a strategic mobile game that brings you an amazing one of its kind experience in the form of exciting gameplay. Where you Fight with swords and magic and battle to move your way through victory and glory. You win trophies and earn points in each round you play. You can also unlock Kathika chapters which are the in-house developed motion comics featuring all characters from the Epiko Regal game. To add to the experience, the players will be able to get digital collectibles NFTs along with getting a chance to participate in the immersive experience of augmented and virtual reality. Players will be able to see their characters in real-time.

Features of Epiko Regal Game


Epiko Regal presents to you a series of digital motion comics ‘Kathika’ to experience the world of legends, their stories, power, and mysteries which is definitely worth a shot! The concept of a sci-fi universe and its secrets can connect you to a destiny awaited by warriors. This enticing digital motion comic series is truly an epic blend of morals, entertainment, and emotions to witness and enjoy.


Show your skills on the battle ground, nimble and strategise to win dual battles in this p2p multiplayer game. Get ready to level up and face demons, giants, notorious monkeys, knights, and many warriors once you upgrade your characters and tower defences. Guard your base, fight your opponents, and bring glory to your clan by wining cups, gems, ancient weapons and mythical powers.


With Epiko Regal’s digital collectibles you can make super warriors part of your own world giving a great experience. Stay excited to make your digital royale collection with common, rare, and epics cards with amazing powers. You may also exchange these digital collectibles with your group, showcase them on social media, create stories, and become part of an enticing community.

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