Earn money online playing games with your mobile with Realis

Earn money online playing games with your mobile with Realis

Realis is a project that combines all the best ideas of the traditional gaming world with the integration of blockchain, Defi and NFT components

Realis is the world's first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience based on Substrate in the Polkadot ecosystem.

LIS can be earned by completing daily tasks, achievements, or opening capsules in their games (Crypto Cats/Crypto Dragons). You can also win LIS in different contests and tournaments that the run on their social medias.

What are the Goals and Innovaion of Realis

  • Connection

Realis connect Game economy with real world where users will be fully involved.

  • Strive

To provide players with the most immersive and enjoyable gaming experience possible.

  • Want

To allow our players to become the full owners of the platform and the games they play.

Our main values are the quality of our projects, their constant improvement, and the expansion of the audience of our players. We listen to the opinions of our community to make our games fun and special for everyone.

LIS Token Utility.

LIS token will serve as a fuel to all processes in the Realis economy, it will connect and redistribute assets between different parts of the ecosystem for organic interaction.

Where can the LIS token be used?

  1. Payment Transaction
  2. Governance
  3. Staking
  4. NFT Assets

In long run the game players will be able to lock LIS tokens in staking and take part in management voting. Also they can lock LIS tokens in staking to receive weekly rewards based on the amount of LIS spent in games and a portion of the reserved tokens. Game players can earn LIS tokens by qualifying and winning tournaments.

LIS tokens used for all in-game transactions. Game operations will receive revenues from Realis and all future games in the ecosystem, the fund will be managed by a team at an early stage and redistribute the obtained assets within the entire ecosystem.

Some FAQs regarding the Realis

I am unable to complete low level achievements, how to complete them ?
You need to enable "Show Cats/Dragons" option inside of the game settings.

Can I earn LIS from Legends of Listeria

Listeria is in its testing period right now and all LIS there are on testnet. After the release of Legends of Listeria, all LIS will move to the main wallet.

How to Play Bingo?

Bingo can be played by obtaining bingo cards from the capsules, you can get rewards for claiming row/column or filling a full board to claim a JACKPOT! Bingo can be played on Crypto Cats or Crypto Dragons.

My automerge stopped working after update?

Please go to the game settings and enable your auto merge again.

You can earn LIS token from downloading and Playing these games:


Collect and connect cute kitties, explore fascinating worlds, and earn cryptocurrency rewards in Crypto Cats. An exciting adventure awaits you!

Download Crypto Cats


Collect and connect cute dragons, explore fascinating worlds and get crypto rewards in Crypto Dragons. An exciting blockchain game adventure awaits you!

Download Crypto Dragons


A multiplayer game with dynamic 3v3 battles for mobile platforms. Short fun team battles up to three minutes long.

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