The Country which is must obsessed with crypto As Per Google Trends Data

Interest in the crypto markets reached mainstream after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced he invested in Dogecoin in in sustain 2021. Musks constant tweets and interviews concerning the order of Dogecoin attracted millions of added and first-period investors into the crypto fold. From the United States to Africa and Asia, investors from several countries popped taking place intending to make sudden child support. However, the markets experienced a bull control in 2021 but shed all profits it generated this year. Most added investors are at a loss, though without help a few enjoy gains. Nonetheless, along in the middle of all the nations, one particular country seems to be crypto-obsessed, as per data from Google Trends


Which Country Is The Most Crypto-Obsessed?

Africa’s most populated country Nigeria is the most crypto-obsessed nation in the world. Google searches for “buy crypto” or “invest in crypto” ranked at the top in Nigeria. Google Trends data shows that Nigeria scored 371 points, which is the highest compared to other countries across the globe.

Nigeria is plush with both crypto-obsessed investors and also crypto-related talents. The country produces talents for NFT, crypto, and Web3 solutions as a large population provides services to offshore clients. In addition, a Bitcoin village is also being built in Nigeria’s financial hub Lagos.

The second most Googled country for cryptocurrencies is the United Arab Emirates, and the third spot goes to Singapore. CoinGecko conducted the study, and the United States is not even in the top 10 list.

Lebanon, Trinidad & Tobago, and Pakistan are much ahead of the crypto craze than the U.S. The data suggest that developing counties are more interested in cryptos than developed nations.


The countries at the peak of this list appear to be keenest to get concord of the dip, and emphasize their long-term point of view for cryptocurrencies, said Coingeckos co-founder Bobby Ong. He continued, This psychoanalysis provides appealing perception into which countries remain most vibrant in cryptocurrency in sedated the weather will of puff pullbacks.

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