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Social Crypto-Earning and NFTs with Pixie 

Social Media websites and different apps have been integral part of our life nowadays. Socail media websites plays a vital role in day to day life of people these days. Why wouldn't it be a Part of our life as it is the medium for entertainment, information, marketing and many more which connects each and every aspect of our life.

With the revolution and evolution in internet and different social media trends the concept of the term Web 3.0 is gaining popularity day by day. With this concept a new form of social media presence can be made online where you can post different day to day activities along with different 

What is Pixie?

Pixie is the world’s first fully-functional decentralized photo and video sharing social network based on blockchain cryptoeconomics.

Pixie rewards social activities, such as posting, liking, and reposting with cryptocurrency PIX, through which users can manage and share platform’s profits together.


Earn More Cryptocurrency PIX

Higher-quality content earns more PIX. Earlier likes and reposts of quality content will receive more PIX. Users with more Weight (user influence) will receive more PIX for social activities.

NFT in Pixie

NFT technology is growing and expanding day by day, Pixie ensures that its users obtain ownership of their digital content. Blockchain technology ensures that a more accurate pricing mechanism of NFT digital content and more reliable social activity data can be both achieved in Pixie

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What are the different Wallet Supported by Pixie?

MetaMask : Start exploring blockchain applications in seconds. Trusted by over 1 million users worldwide.

imToken : imToken is a Safe and Simple light-wallet, which supports multi-chains, DApps, HDWallet,etc

Tokenpocket : Multi-chain, security and convenience, the portal of DApp

Features of Pixie

Pixie is a photo and short video sharing social network, where people can share and record their lives and share those beautiful moments with their friends!


1. In Pixie, users can follow their friends or other popular users, and check on their latest posts.

2. Users can search for interested users or tags through the search area at the top.

3. Some popular posts will be selected as Trending posts to gain more exposure.

4. Users can Like, comment, and repost other interested posts.


Users can tap the plus button to post favorite photos, short videos, and choose filters and add tags for them.

Users can turn their original photos or short videos into valuable NFT assets to protect their copyrights.


1. Users can check the latest Likes, comments and reposts in the social notifications column.

2. Users can check the latest about Pixie in the system notifications column.

3. Users can chat with users that have followed them back on the Messages page.

Personal page:

1. Users can check their previous posts, following users, and followers on the Personal page.

2. Users can change system settings on the Personal page.

3. Users can manage their NFT assets on the Personal page.

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